Have you noticed that marketing can be a minefield when it comes to making decisions about worthwhile and cost-effective activities? Mistakes are made, time and money are wasted, and reputations are harmed.

With marketing techniques increasingly becoming outdated due to the changeable nature of business, many companies struggle to stay on point with their strategy. However, there are some activities that continue to work (with a little nurture that is). That said, it’s definitely a clever decision to use promotional merchandise in your marketing strategy, and if used correctly it can massively improve your brand identity and reputation.

Here’s 5 compelling reasons to get the promotional products in:

  1. Shout Quietly

    In a world of abundance it can be difficult for businesses to get their messages across. Old forms of marketing such as tv commercials and radio edits have become ineffective - we no longer have the time to listen, and we certainly don’t like to be shouted at. Today, non-interruptive marketing is key, which means having subtle presence. Appearing on promotional products allows you to do just this.

    Keep Calm and Shout Quietly
  2. Be Memorable

    Promotional merchandise allows you to get creative and offer your customers something a bit different. Much advertising can be forgetful, invasive and irrelevant; therefore offering something engaging, useful and relevant will strike a note. So take these factors into consideration when choosing your products.

  3. Create Brand Awareness

    So if you’ve got the ‘engaging and useful’ bit right then what comes next is great for your company. Your logo, planted on that shirt, bottle, pen or such, will be taken on a journey to numerous destinations, for numerous people to admire – all without you having to move a muscle. What’s more, if you’ve chosen items with longevity then this effortless advertising will continue for much time.

  4. Make Your Customer Happy

    Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? Especially if they’re relevant, engaging and useful! (Are you catching on yet?) So make your customers smile and give them thanks. They’re also sure to regard you as a generous and thoughtful company – personal touches that are so important in this world of abundance mentioned earlier. You’ll be remembered, you’ll be talked about. Hell, you’ll probably even get ‘shared’.

  5. Call to action

    After all, this is the aim, isn’t it? Data shows that people are up to 85% more motivated to act upon receiving a gift from a company. It’s that reciprocal drive in us and the desire to give something back. But obviously in this case it’s because the product or service you offer is just so damn good. So remember to tell your recipient exactly where to go and how they can benefit from you.

So after your investment and careful selection at the beginning, your wonderful promotional merchandise will continue to work for you. Simple. Effective. Marketing.