There are perfect promotional products out there to suit every brand and its customers, and even ones better suited to different times of the year. Whatever your need, whatever your taste, there’s always a promotional product that you’d love to have your brand name on. Here are ten of the best to get you inspired.

  1. The first product your customers will love is the Twister USB Stick. It’s small, sleek and easy to carry around and fit into your pocket. Available in a selection of different colours, this USB port easily twists away to become pocket-friendly, and can also easily fit onto a key ring. Twister USB Stick
  2. Another promotional product that will impress is the legendary Moleskine Notebook. These notebooks have been used for the past two centuries and continue to be very popular today. And for good reason - they are great to carry around to use at work and on the go.

    They are a welcome antidote to the digital world, as well as being sophisticated, basic and stylish. Our Moleskin Notebooks come with a choice of internal page styles: lined, plain, and squared, and also come with an elastic closure and expandable inner pocket. Making notes has never looked so tempting! Moleskine Notebook
  3. Speaking of making notes, the Cross ATX Matt Chrome Ball Pen is a great accompaniment to a stylish notebook. A streamlined, classic ball pen with pure chrome appointments – it is perfect for customers that like to write in style. Silver, sophisticated, slim – the Matt Chrome Ball Pen is the perfect pen for customers to carry around for both convenience and elegance. Cross ATX Matt Chrome Ball Pen
  4. The Evergreen Oak Tree in a Tube is a real tree inside a recyclable transparent tube. This is the perfect gift for anyone eco-conscious, or for an event or trade fair. It’s one promotional product that will catch the eye, and one that can be kept for a long time. Evergreen Oak Tree in a Tube
  5. The Parker Vector Standard Rollerball has a sleek design of black and silver. It’s a rollerball, meaning it’s easy to write with and won’t make a mess in your bag or briefcase. It is definitely one of the more refined promotional products, with its stylish black body and silver tip. Definitely a pen for life. Parker Vector Standard Rollerball
  6. Our next favourite are the Gloves for Touch Screen. These gloves are both stylish and practical, and provide an easy way of keeping your hands warm while using your iPhone, iPad, iPod and any other other touch-screen devices. They come in sizes small and medium, and are black, with white tips on the fingers you would use to type on a smartphone. Gloves for Touch Screen
  7. Some of the best promotional products are the ones that don’t hang around for long. In other words – the edible ones. Give customers something they won’t forget in a hurry with these Farmhouse Eggs. With four to a pack, these hollow milk chocolate eggs come in a cute egg box with a printed wrap. Wrapped in pretty red foil, these eggs make a great promotional product for anyone with a sweet tooth – which is all of us, isn’t it? Farmhouse Eggs
  8. For something a little bit different, this Ceramic Mug with Chalks is a great promotional present to turn any cup of tea or coffee into something a bit more entertaining. Who knows, you could uncover the next Banksy.

    With a black panel to draw on, this mug comes in a choice of colours around the rim. It also comes with two chalks, so you can get straight into making masterpieces while your tea cools down. Ceramic Mug with Chalks
  9. How about this Mini Bluetooth Speaker with its cool cylindrical design and punchy crisp sounds. With an impressive 10 metre range, you can stream your favourite tunes wirelessly via Bluetooth. Mini Bluetooth Speaker
  10. Here in the UK, 7 in 10 people own a smartphone which is a massive audience and The DOT and Presentation Card is one of the most cost effective promotional products currently available for smart phones and tablets. Simply place your branded logo (the DOT) on your phone or tablet home button and bobs your uncle! The DOT