The Battle for Brand Reach

The Battle for Brand Reach
The Battle for Brand Reach

It's a battle that's been going on for over a decade, between some of the biggest players around. The battle to be Social Media King is hard fought, between armies millions and billions strong. It's a Game of Thrones (sure, with less blood, but let's go with it)...

In his article for Forbes, Jerry McLaughlin said that "the two opposing aspects of brand value that must be balanced to achieve commercial success [are] power and reach." Well, these social media behemoths have a healthy chunk of both - and commercial success isn't exactly a stranger to any of them. With online organisations such as these, it's possible to measure their reach by how many users they have.

Let's explore the Brand Reach of these huge social media companies with this new infographic from Fluid Branding:

Social Media Brand Reach
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Feel free to download and share – and join the debate! Who should be crowned Kind of Social Media?

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