Fluid Branding: Brexit Statement

With so much uncertainty currently remaining around Brexit, we wanted to let you know that we've been working tirelessly to try and ensure continued service throughout this period and beyond.

Below, our MD Miles Lovegrove gives a few more details on how we've been doing everything we can to limit any disruption to your campaigns and branded merchandise orders that may come as a result of Europe and the UK Government's trade deal negotiations...

Fluid Branding: Brexit Statement

Dear Customer,

Even though there are still uncertainties regarding Brexit, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that Fluid Branding has taken as many steps as possible to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. Of course, at this stage we are unable to confirm details and until such time as either a deal is reached or we are 100% there will be no deal we can only speculate. That said, Fluid Branding have been considering the situation for some time now and have put all possible measures in place to continue trading after the 31st December 2020 without disruption to our clients. 

In our group, we have Fluid Branding Ireland - a company registered in IE. This means that we can invoice from said company, and any sales made into the EU can be invoiced from another EU country. Fluid Branding is also registered for VAT in the Netherlands, and we have a legal entity in Malta.

However, what is more important than where we will invoice from is where the goods are coming from. If we leave with no deal and Fluid are shipping goods from the UK into the EU there will no doubt beVAT & Duty charged upon entry. We have, therefore, been working closely with our suppliers to ensure we are able to source products from EU countries eliminating theVAT & Duty charges when being delivered to the EU, and we will continue to work with suppliers to ensure we are sourcing from within the EU wherever possible.

Once the situation is clear, please be assured that Fluid will do whatever possible to ensure a smooth process for our clients - and as soon as we can confirm any further details we will do so.

Here's wishing you all a healthy, happy and successful 2021 - we very much look forward to continuing working with our valued clients in and out of Europe.

Kindest regards,