Coronavirus (COVID-19): A message to our Fluid Friends

As coronavirus (COVID-19) diagnoses continue to increase around the world, Fluid Branding is committed to providing a safe environment for our employees and ensuring business continuity, to the best of our abilities, in service to you, our customers and partners.

We are confident that coronavirus will not significantly impact our business and our commitment to our global community of users is unwavering. Thank you for your continued trust in us.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): A message to our Fluid Friends

We would like to assure all customers that we are closely monitoring, and following, the latest information and advice issued by the UK & Ireland Governments with regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, along with advice from The Netherlands and Malta as well.

With the recent rise in diagnoses, we are taking increased measures to maintain business continuity and to protect the health of our employees.

We can confirm that it is business as usual, but are currently taking the following measures of precaution:

  • We have cancelled all business travel and recommended that our team avoid all non-urgent personal travel as well.

  • We have cancelled all planned events, parties, meet-ups, and conferences.

  • We have encouraged all of our teams to work from home, wherever possible.

  • We have shared best practice health tips with our team and continue to keep them updated on a daily basis.

  • We have placed extra hand sanitising stations around our global offices and increased the frequency of office cleaning.

  • We have replaced on-site interviews and meetings with online video meetings and interviews.

While we continue our work as usual and at full capacity, we are preparing for different scenarios. We have ensured that our team members have everything they need to work remotely. We have increased channels of internal communication, and as always, prioritised communication with you, our customers, so you can remain focused on your business challenges and goals.

To this extent any of our dedicated merchandise specialists are on hand to advise on any relevant merchandise and PPE requirements you may have. We have seen a huge rise in requirements for specifically tailored product packs that can be individually mailed ahead of virtual events and celebrations. Please get in touch to book a consultation with the team to run through any sustainable merchandise requirements, or for any products to help you in dealing with virus awareness.

Many events around the world have now unfortunately been cancelled or postponed. Fluid are here to support you during these exceptional circumstances, including exploring all options to extend delivery dates and offering alternative product arrangements, as mentioned above.

If you are worried about any event specific promotions, we would recommend that you limit branding to a generic logo; a flyer or business card can then be added with any specific information about the event.

We are working with our supply chain to monitor stock levels and product availability across our collection of promotional merchandise and PPE. Updates will be shared on stock movements for specific orders, but also via social media on generic product lines. After a thorough review of our broad supply chain we do not believe that any major delays will be a problem, and the ongoing supply of merchandise will not be affected. We are entirely confident that we can rely on our extensive supply chain to fulfil all orders.

Our warehouse will continue to stay open for as long as possible, and in line with any local Government advice. Any customers with merchandise store stock will be notified immediately of any potential warehouse closure. We will be restricting any non-employee access to our warehouse for deliveries, and continuing to work with couriers to ensure a swift and efficient delivery for all our customers.

We wish you all good health and thank you for continuing to place your trust in us during these uncertain times. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or with any questions.