Education Social Distancing Solutions

Keeping pupils and teachers safe...

It is likely that for most of us, social distancing measures will remain in our lives for some time to come…

Here at Fluid, we’ve been looking at how we can help you plan, design and operate safer, people-centred locations. We’ve got tonnes of ideas to help you keep staff and pupils safe and show off your brand!

The items you need throughout your school setting...

The current landscape presents a number of challenges, but can also be seen as a great opportunity. Lots of businesses and venues have been getting creative with their signage over the past months. Not only is this a great way to keep everyone safe, it’s also a really good way to expose your brand. 

Inform your students and staff about safe social distancing practices on entry and exit to the building, create carefully curated spaces for students and staff through different signage methods and tailor your graphics to communicate different messages. 

Take a look at our free PDF download, it will help you get your plans spot on! There's brand awareness and social distancing ideas for all situations and locations around your education setting.

Education Social Distancing Solutions

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