Virgin Space Programme - Flight Packs

The Brief:

Produce a merchandise pack to hand out at the launch of the Virgin Galactic Flight Programme.

The packs will be used by the world's press and prestigious business leaders such as Sir Alan Sugar and Sir Richard Branson himself to watch the world's first commercial flight into space.

Target Market: The world's press, business leaders and potential Virgin Galactic clients. All users would have very high expectations and the launch will be discussed and replayed the world over.

Product(s) Used / Merchandise Product Scopes:

Following numerous conversations and a study of the client needs and the event for which the goods would be used, a bespoke pack was created for the Virgin Galactic launch.

We initially suggested a variety of products and after sampling and further discussions, agreed on a pair of binoculars so the attendees at the launch could watch the space craft ascend into space and a high quality notebook and pen so the world's press could take notes.

Together with Virgin Galactic, we created an eye catching and professional design for all the items taking into consideration the brands corporate colours and the theme of space travel.

All products represented the occasion with subtle hints to the brand and the journey on which occupants of the space craft were about to partake.

Campaign Result:

The merchandise packs were a complete success and Virgin were really happy with the results and the reaction of the world's press and the prospective clients.

In addition to this, the packs were part of the televised launch and photo shoot which has been distributed across the globe to promote the Virgin Space Programme.

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