Screwfix Challenge - Energy, Boost & Reward


The Brief:

The Screwfix challenge campaign was conceived to reward, motivate and engage all 6,000 employees ahead of the companies' busy period. The clients' campaign objectives were "Energy, Boost and Reward."

Screwfix Products

Target Market: Employees of Screwfix Direct

Product(s) Used / Merchandise Product Scopes:

Each employee received a branded backpack containing a can of branded energy drink, a branded energy cereal bar and a packet of branded jelly sweets. A "Survival Kit".

In addition, each back pack had an extra unbranded 'mix and match' gift of a roll up sports bottle, touch screen gloves, sports arm band mobile phone holder, Ray Ban Wayfarer Style Sunglasses or a Carabiner key ring with a compass.

Product selection, branding, warehousing, collation and multi-site distribution were all tightly managed to create a consistent range of products, delivered on time that reflected the campaign objectives of "Energy, Boost and Reward."

Campaign Result:

The campaign was a huge success for Screwfix, employees were motivated, more engaged and therefore more productive during their busy period. After the initial success of the campaign Screwfix ordered a further 12,000 packs to distribute to each employee across their 350+ retail sites to continue the feel good factor for the next 2 months of the busy period.

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