Nvidia - Promotional Merchandise and POS

The Brief:

Nvidia is a world leader in computer graphics, visual computing, mobile processors and GPU gamer units, which are used in smart phones, tablets and infotainment systems globally.

We were asked to design, produce, store and distribute a range of branded merchandise, online adverts and printed POS.

Target Market: Nvidia partners throughout the European markets to enhance their position and sales of graphics and visual processors.

Product(s) Used / Merchandise Product Scopes:

Everything produced for Nvidia had to reflect the high end design and visual status which is at the heart of the company ethos. From web banners and landing pages to POS posters and ceiling hangers, we delivered a fully managed service including creative design, production management, product sourcing and selection.

We then implemented an online website for the different countries to easily order their merchandise, and arranged the logistics, warehousing and shipping of the final products.

Campaign Result:

The products portal went live to approximately 15000 end user clients, who all responded well to the range of co-branded products available to them.

Additional PR was developed off the back of the portal's success, with a view to have the range available in multiple languages within the first quarter of 2013.

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