Jaffa - Inflatable Oranges

The Brief:

Produce a high quantity, low cost item to be used for a promotion throughout the summer months. The product must be high impact, fun and have en element of longevity to it.

It must not be a throw away item but an item that can be kept and re-used. The product must be food safe and carry credentials to be sold with food and hold all the relevant health and safety features.

Target Market: Customers at well known super stores where the product will go on sale as a POS offer/promotion. Targeting buyers of fruit as part of their general weekly shop.

Product(s) Used / Merchandise Product Scopes:

A beach ball was designed from scratch to replicate the look of an orange for Jaffa.

We originally offered them three or four ideas that we came up with but they loved the 'orange' style beach ball. The final product was tightly packaged into a sealed poly-bag to protect the product whilst on the shelf with the fruit.

Production took place and we carried out a wide range of tests to comply with the requirements needed to put this product onto the high street.

Campaign Result:

The client was thrilled with the way the beach balls turned out. They ticked all the boxes for what they wanted from the campaign.

The product was put out into retail stores across Europe and the promotion made a significant increase in sales for the six pack of oranges. The beach balls were used for a specific promotion in store but the added value of getting brand exposure was a further positive.

The balls are still being used by children and families years on!

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Inflatable Oranges for Jaffa

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