House of Lords Shop Merchandise

The Brief:

This contract was awarded through an official tender process which scrutinised our credentials at the highest level within the UK. Creative sourcing, production management, quality and compliance controls and competitive pricing were all analysed and required for this contract.

Upon winning this contract, we were requested to design and manage a full range of merchandise and retail packaging.

Target Market: To stock the exclusive gift shop on-site alongside a bespoke online web shop for all those working within Parliament.

Product(s) Used / Merchandise Product Scopes:

An extensive product range was produced with a brand new creative developed to run across the entire selection.

Packaging designs were also developed to work with each of the products. Product categories included clothing, bags and stationery.

Campaign Result:

We now stock a large percentage of the shop at the House of Lords, incorporating a high level of product sourcing and quality management, whilst recommending new and creative ideas within the merchandise and retail market for them.

Due to the great response for the first run of products, we now manage stock levels of products, repeat orders, logistics and delivery on an on-going basis.

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We now product a large percentage of the stock in the House of Lords shop...