Glenfiddich - Whiskey Barrel USB Flash Drives

The Brief:

To produce on-pack merchandise for the Glenfiddich whiskey brand, to act as a point of difference when the product appeared on retail shelves, and to attract a new audience.

Target Market: Glenfiddich's loyal and established followers, in addition to a new audience, who would be attracted by a functional, tech-related product.

Product(s) Used / Merchandise Product Scopes:

Following in-depth discussions with the client, we took sample staves of the oak barrels, used to distil the whiskey with a view to producing bespoke USB Memory Sticks. This led to a lengthy pre-production process, producing and testing a range of designs and finishes. We finally agreed on an unvarnished, 2 piece Memory Stick, allowing the aroma from the whiskey-soaked oak to be retained, and engraved with the Glenfiddich brand details. We then arranged production and compliance and logistics of 46,000 USB Memory Sticks containing a movie file demonstrating the history and tradition of the Glenfiddich brand. These were then attached to the bottles for sale in-store.

Campaign Result:

The client was delighted with the results, and the response from loyal, traditional Glenfiddich enthusiasts. However the real impact was felt by the positive reactions and sales from a new, younger audience, who were targeted by the modern affiliation with a tech product, whilst still relating back to the Glenfiddich heritage.

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Bespoke Whiskey Barrel USB Flash Drives for Glenfiddich

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