American Airlines - Custom USB Planes

The Brief:

The world’s largest airline company, American Airlines approached their Fluid Branding account manager Amy for a very unique gift. They were looking for a fun and practical promotional product to hand out at their house presentations, sales conferences and travel fairs.

Target Market:

The product was intended for their house presentation to help present company information to their business clients in London. So it needed to be both useful and fun as it was to be handed out to all the airlines corporate partners in attendance at the event.

The Solution:

We came up with the idea of recreating a bespoke model of one of their iconic, state of the art planes, the Airbus A330 in the form of a USB stick.

From a photograph to creating sketch drawings and then onto CAD models, our studio team worked on creating a realistic visualisation of the Airbus A330 product to present to our client at American Airlines – which she loved!

The renderings were then sent to production to be modelled and created in to a real life product.

The end result was a Bespoke 3D Soft PVC USB stick – not only does the bespoke plane USB replicate the iconic Airbus A330 it provides a fantastic useful and completely unique giveaway to the corporate partner attendees of the event.

The Challenge:

The Fluid artwork studio got busy translating a photograph of the Airbus A330 plane into a completely bespoke physical promotional product!

Campaign Result:

Paige, Marketing Assistant for American Airlines said, "The USBs have quickly become the merchandise item of choice amongst our customers. A fully bespoke product, we were able to customise these to suit our needs and were even able to pre-load the drives with a presentation."

Bespoke USBs for American Airlines

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American Airlines - Merchandise Portal & Rebrand

The Brief:

We created and manage an online branded merchandise portal for American Airlines. The portal is accessible by staff only and is also used for joint branded goods for British Airways and Iberia. American Airlines underwent a rebrand in 2013, for the first time since the 1960s, taking them from the famous ‘Silver Bird’ to the ‘New American’.

Target Market: American Airlines staff and passengers

Product(s) Used / Merchandise Product Scopes:

The newly branded merchandise were distributed to staff via the merchandise portal and also to passengers through event giveaways.

It was also used for the launch of new flight paths in 2013, such as Dusseldorf and Dublin, the merchandise helped to support a global marketing campaign which included television adverts.

Campaign Result:

Fluid played a pivotal role in reintroducing both existing and new branded merchandise with the new American Airlines logo, easing the transition to their new identity and reinforcing a solid brand identity for American Airlines.


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