Chloe Duckett

Merchandise Consultant, Cornwall Office

Chloe Duckett Chloe Duckett

Favourite promotional product?    Powerbanks! They're so handy and look good

Nickname?  Clo

Guilty pleasure?   Twiglets

Favourite book?  The Witcher Series

Worst haircut?   I dyed my hair bright red once, that was a mistake!

Favourite board game?  Cards Against Humanity

If I could have a superpower, it would be...   Teleportation!

t: 0345 634 2935 (277)

Chloe moved down to Cornwall for uni in 2016... and just never left! Outside of work, she collects game consoles (old and new), and spends time helping out with lighting and sound for TV show conventions - an interesting way of meeting actors and actresses, she says!