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If you've arrived here expecting to find yourself on the Eco Incentives website, don't worry! We've brought you here because Eco Incentives has now been incorporated into it's parent company, Fluid Branding.

The same, but better!

Fluid Branding offers all the same products that Eco Incentives did, at all the same prices - but there's more! You'll be able to find much more than just eco friendly promotional products here - there are all manner of branded products and promotional merchandise inspiration for you to choose from!

We've brought you to a page that has the same content as the one you were trying to access on Eco Incentives. But if you get stuck, or can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us or use the search bar at the top of the page.

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Promotional Mugs, Cups & Ceramics

Hand picked & Recommended Mugs & Ceramics from Fluid Branding

  • Old Faithful


      Cambridge White

      "Clear your mind, picture a mug... It
      looks like this one doesn’t it?"
      - James M

    • Classic Design
    • Cost Effective
    • Large Branding Area
    • Check it out here »
    Cambridge Earthenware Mug

    Cambridge White

    From £1.51

Promotional mugs supply great value, displaying your brand prominently in vibrant colours, right there on your client’s desk. We stock a wide range of mugs, cups and ceramics ready to be branded or printed with your company logo.

Fluid Branding caters to your business needs, so whether you’re looking for travel mugs that your clients can use on the go or ceramic mugs for the office, we’re here to help.

Promotional Mugs

Promotional mugs are particularly effective in raising brand awareness – being used on a daily basis gives you a continual presence.

Promote your business in an engaging way and get people talking about your brand. We stock a variety of mug styles including photo, colour change and chalk mugs, all designed to make your brand stand out.

With UK stocks and a fast production, we can supply your promotional mugs in time for your campaign. Our branding experts are always at hand to offer their help and expertise and find the right mugs for you.

Drink To Your Success

Mugs may be everyday objects but they are not to be overlooked. With the right style and branding they can be extremely powerful at warming up potential sales leads.

We pride ourselves in our extensive range of promotional products and our mugs are no exception.

Our promotional mugs can be tailored to suit your branding guidelines. You can rest assured that our mugs are made of high-quality materials. We stock a wide range of ceramic, novelty, plastic, recycled, travel and china mugs ready to be personalised with your branding and logo.

Contact us now for a competitive price on your promotional mugs.

For more information on our range of Promotional Mugs, Cups & Ceramics see details above or call us on 0345 634 2935.