Kyle Scott

Director of Strategy, Leeds Office

Nickname   Scotty

What do you do?   I specialise in providing promotional, marketing and web solutions for our clients

Where did you grow up?   I grew up in Sheffield and studied at The University of Sheffield

Who is your idol?   Thomas A Edison

Worst haircut?   I did sport a pretty bad pudding basin at 3 years old. Thanks mum.

Best advice someone gave me   Work smart, play hard.

Favourite song/band?   Luciano/Arctic Monkeys – I like a wide range of music!

t: 0345 634 2935 (ext 301)

Based in Leeds and with several years experience importing and supplying merchandise specifically for the Events and Golf sectors, Kyle knows this area of the market like no other. His commercial acumen is a particular strength, giving clients insight and ideas to make the most of any branding opportunities.