Did you know... enough Jelly Belly beans were eaten in the last year to circle the earth more than five times?

Everyone must be eating them! Even Ronald Reagan used to eat them, he had 2.5 tons shipped to him in 1981 for his inauguration celebrations (apparently he started munching on them to help him stop smoking his pipe).

Did you also know we supply official Jelly Belly Beans! And we have 50 taste-tastic flavours for you to choose from? - A lot huh!?

But not to worry, we can help you pick the perfect combination to represent your brand and what you're all about. Jelly Belly have been creating beans since 1960 - which is an awfully long time to be developing the art of flavoured bean making. So it's fair to say they know what they're talking about when it comes to flavours.

In case you didn't know it takes 7 to 21 days to make a single jelly bean! Each bean starts its journey as a mouth-watering flavour (after several trials and tests) it is then mixed in a kettle to create a gooey mixture which is sweetened, flavoured and dispensed into little bean shaped impressions to be set. They are then set aside to develop into those little beans we know best!

You might be surprised to know the most popular flavour of Jelly Belly bean is the Very Cherry.

Flavour Contenders: The Very Cherry (left) and Buttered Popcorn (right) Jelly Belly Beans have been battling it out for top flavour for some time now...

This one has bean (see what I did there) the most popular flavour for over two decades. It was beaten to first place by Buttered Popcorn in 1998 but soon regained its title in 2003!

But what do bean flavours say about your company? What can the bean represent, and what's best for your next promotion?

The Holiday Bean - Pina Colada

The Pina Colada bean is perfect for the holiday maker. It's the flavour that shows us sun, sea and beautiful beaches, where everyone wants to be - sipping cocktails in the sun!

The Outdoors Bean - Toasted Marshmallow

This bean brings back the boy scout, the camp fires are burning and the marshmallows are toasting!

The Health and Well-bean - Green Tea

Superb choice for the health conscious this bean denotes health and well-being - natural and calming.

The Corporate Bean - Cappuccino

Classic and corporate, it's the perfect no nonsense bean ready to get down to business.

The Flamboyant Bean - Tutti-Frutti

This is the 'push the boat out' bean, it's vibrant, it's different and sure to make a statement.


We have 50 Classic Beans to choose from so the combinations are endless!

Here's some of our favourite food and drink mixture combinations to give you some more bean-spiration for your brand.

Check out the full range of flavours on offer below: