Hot on the heels of the wristband phenomenon Fluid Branding's Trolley Coins are creating such demand that it could become the next big thing.

Trolley Coins are already sparking great interest in the charity and leisure sectors due to its wide potential spanning numerous promotional categories including fundraising, brand awareness and practical gifts.

The detachable coin can be stamped or colour embossed on both sides and is designed for repeated use in supermarket trolleys, gym lockers, airport storage and other similar facilities, removing the need for people to rely on always having a 1 coin.

With such wide appeal Trolley Coins look likely to pick up where wristbands have tailed off as either an income stream or form of promotion for forward-thinking businesses.

According to Fluid Branding Director Matt Franks, the smart metallic Trolley Coins will be gratefully received and retained for regular use whilst at the same time attaining continuous exposure.

The Trolley Coins are remarkably useful and will have an extremely wide appeal. It simply attaches to a set of keys so that when a 1 coin is required for a trolley or gym locker, it is instantly to hand. Once used, the token neatly clips back onto its key ring ready for next time said Mr Franks.

Trolley Coins are available in all coin sizes and currencies from Fluid Branding, in a variety of plating finishes.

The token can be stamped or colour embossed on one or both sides in line with your companys branding and each of the Trolley Coins are supplied on the key ring attachment.