More and more companies are investing in innovative and fun designs for their offices in order to increase the morale, creativity and productivity of their employees. Like something out of The Internship – a recent film set around Google HQ in California – dream offices are becoming increasingly sought after.

So what makes a cool office? From slides to treehouses, fake grass to bunting - it’s what’s inside that counts. So here are some of the most impressive things you can find in offices.

Mind Candy’s treehouse

Mind Candy, the company behind Moshi Monsters, resides in trendy Shoreditch, London. But once inside the office you could well be anywhere in the world, because you walk into what can only be described as a child’s dream come true. The office has a wooden treehouse and a gingerbread house, which are used as meeting rooms. (Obviously.) The floor has AstroTurf, and the two levels are joined together by a slide.

A Child's Dream! Mind Candy's offices in Shoreditch

A Child's Dream! Mind Candy's offices in Shoreditch.

The office also contains a bubblegum dispenser machine, a colouring-in wall, play dens with tons of toys, and quiet areas that have been described as looking like ‘hobbit holes’. The aim of the office’s interiors, unsurprisingly, is to remind employees to think like its customers – children.

Ticketmaster’s slide

Ticket sales company Ticketmaster’s relatively new London office has already caught a lot of attention. The design of the office was centred on the prioritisation of socialising. Therefore the office has a slide leading to a ball pit and bar area, which has table football, a jukebox and pinball machines for its workers to enjoy.

Ticketmaster's Office, featuring a slide leading to a ball pool

Ticketmaster's Office, featuring a slide leading to a ball pool.

It also has a picnic area decorated with AstroTurf, and many vintage and upcycled items dotted around the office. Oh, and of course there’s a bright red, giant toy plane hanging from the ceiling.

Innocent Drinks’ grass

When it comes to companies thinking differently, Innocent Drinks are high on the list. The entire floor of its office in West London – fondly referred to as Fruit Towers – is adorned with fake grass in a bid to bring the outdoors inside.

Innocent Drinks brings the outdoors inside with its fake grass

Innocent Drinks brings the outdoors inside with its fake grass.

Employees are encouraged to spend time and socialise in the kitchen, an area that is filled with natural light, colourful bunting and big benches. The office also has a cosy-looking reading corner with books for employees to sit and read, suspended basket chairs for the odd afternoon nap, and a good old fashioned, red, British telephone box thrown in for good measure.

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Red Bull’s energy

It comes as no surprise that Red Bull’s futuristic-looking London HQ was designed to encourage hyperactivity and adrenaline-overload, just like its drinks. And the office starts as it means to go on - with a rooftop reception lobby overlooking the West End.

Then there are the slides that employees use to get down to every floor, ping pong tables in meeting rooms, a roof terrace and lots and lots of bright colours and interestingly shaped, uber-modern furniture. Who needs Red Bull to give you wings when you can slide around? All they need now is the palpitation room and insomnia slide.

Red Bull's offices in London

Red Bull's offices in London.

Macquarie Ropemaker’s staircases

Banking group Macquarie Ropemaker has a London office that looks like something you’d only ever find on a film set. Its office is a playground of colour and modernity spanning six floors. The open-plan office’s main attraction is the bright red, glowing steel staircase with an all-white inner structure that floats through the centre of the entire, impressively vast building.

Macquarie Ropemaker’s staircases in their London office

Macquarie Ropemaker’s staircases in their London office.

Forward Internet Group’s Alice in Wonderland

In its HQ in Camden, London, Forward’s office is where it’s happening. The design was apparently inspired by Alice in Wonderland and computer game Super Mario, and this is definitely evident. It contains a music room, games room, table tennis space, free canteen and… a giant lobster.

The office also has a large, black keyhole leading to a giant staircase, and every room is adorned with purple-toned carpets. The work areas feature breakout spaces with high ceilings, exposed services and brickwork, and there is also a meeting room with chessboard-inspired black and white flooring.

Forward Internet's offices in Camden

Forward Internet's offices in Camden.

As well as creative expression, companies are designing their offices mainly out of wanting to inspire and motivate their employees. Many create open working spaces that actually encourage socialising, and while it may be an introvert’s nightmare, an original and well-designed work environment helps spark ideas and encourages creativity and collaboration between staff.