Technology gadgets are still the fastest growing trend around, with new discoveries being made each and every day. It's increasingly hard to keep up with the ever changing advances of the technological world - so, we've hunted down the latest ones to keep you bang up to date with what's set to top 2016...


Firstly, it's the year of virtual reality - a new trend that's been on the cards for a while is targeted to hit mainstream consumers this 2016. Watching a flat screen TV will soon be as antiquated as typing on a typewriter with this funky new gadget - Virtual Reality Goggles.

Digital art will benefit no end from this new technology. Not only will you be able to view in 3D, but create in 3D too. Both apps and games will include a feature where you can create your own 3D sculptures. Using your headset and 'virtual hands' you will be able to create, paint or sculpt your own designs! Virtual reality headsets are expected from all of the big major brands such as Sony, Facebook, HTC and Oculus, so just sit back and wait - they're coming to a front room near you soon!

Virtual Reality Goggles

Virtual Reality Goggles are here...


We have all heard of robots that help us to do things, in fact they are pretty common in industries such as manufacturing. But this new wave of robots can do all that and a whole lot more. Their technology has improved no end, and the functionality of these robots is developing staggeringly quickly - scary huh?! Don't worry, these things won't be taking over our jobs just yet - their mobility is still pretty limited and there's a long way to go before they start walking and talking just like us.

Companion Robots

Companion robots... we just won't heed Hollywood's warnings, will we?

A Korean company called 'Future Robot' have developed a robot that will become your friend. These machines are built to interact with humans, to get to know them and even improve their behaviour. It has inbuilt face and voice recognition capabilities which it uses to remind it's owner about their agenda, to relay messages, to take photos and even to know when they're in a bad mood! And guess what? You never have to feed them! Genius!

Buddy the Family Companion Robot


For the health conscious amongst you, this is the one to watch, the SCiO food scanner. Have you ever wondered how many calories and carbohydrates are sitting on your dinner plate? Well, this new Bluetooth enabled gadget can tell you just that! Basically, it analyses the chemical make-up of your food. It works by using a near-infrared spectroscopy to determine the fat content, carbohydrates and calories of your meal! Not only that, but it can analyse your food in as little as 10 seconds, you just open the app on your phone and it gives you the nutritional information of what you're about to eat!

Food Scanner

The Food Scanner - keep track of your nutritional intake with this nifty gadget...

But the real benefits of this gadget will be for those with chronic illnesses such as diabetes or heart conditions who need to balance carbohydrates, fat and protein. The developers of this gadget had this in mind when creating this scanner as they wanted it to make life a lot easier for those who need to monitor the nutritional value of what they are eating. It doesn't quite scan everything yet but you can scan the basics, such as bread, tomatoes or cheese - it can't quite scan a whole sandwich just yet, but we reckon that it won't be long!

SCiO Molecular Scanner


Also known as the 'Internet of Things', the idea of having a 'smart' home is going to be big in 2016. Samsung have released a new smart fridge which has a built in touch screen - a bit like having your iPad stuck to your fridge! The touchscreen aspect will allow you to order your shopping, have a look in your fridge when you're at the shops and not only that - it will alert you when the products you have are out of date or out of stock! The internet is ever changing and expanding and we will soon be able to use this to have a home full of connected devices which means you will be able to check and control your home from wherever you are.

Smart Fridge

The Internet of Things is set to change our homes and our lives forever...


Smart phones and smart wearables are ever evolving, however this enhanced functionality means that they are often limited on power. If you're a smart phone user you'll be lucky if your phone lasts the whole day without running out of battery.

But guess what! Brand new technology has been created to allow smart phones to simply charge themselves! Awesome huh?

Basically some clever people at CES Ossia Inc. have developed a product that will automatically recharge phones at a distance in a similar way to how WIFI transmitters deliver data from routers to devices! This follows on from the existing wireless charger where the charge is obtained from a built in surface. Ikea are already selling tables that wirelessly charge phones when the mobile device is placed on top… So it won't be long before everyone's got one. Let's just say batteries are changing for the better - watch this space!

Self Charging Phones

A phone that charges without pesky wiring? Sign us up!

Companion robots will be hitting the consumer market very soon and we are already able to monitor, check and adjust gadgets in our homes from the comfort of our workplaces or on the move! We predict that in 2017 the virtual and augmented reality world will develop even more features and effects, we will see its use increase dramatically.

So that's it, the low down on what's heading your way this year from the tech world.