Promotional Products for Conference Goers

With conference season in full swing, businesses use this time of year to dip into marketing budgets and invest in promotional goodies to hand out during these popular events. After all, conferences offer a brilliant opportunity for businesses to reach out and network in a uniquely powerful way. There’s really no better environment in which to make meaningful connections with peers, potential partners and client audiences – all of whom have already demonstrated an interest in your business area by turning up in the first place.

Conferences are gold mines for business – especially for those able to get their brand’s name and message remembered long after the event. This is where promotional products come into the equation, which have been proven as some of the world’s most powerful, effective and long-term marketing tools.

So the big question is…what type of promotional products work best at conferences?

Here are our top ten promotional products that work brilliantly within conference settings. You really can’t go wrong with these goodies (in no particular order):


1. Pens

Promotional pens are the most popular promotional product to use at conferences. Conference attendees are notorious for forgetting their pens and will be more than grateful to take one off your hands for free. And when they do, they’ll use it all day, take it away with them and find themselves exposed to your brand and your message long after the conference.

Business Card Holders

2. Business Card Case/Holders

It’s another example of an accessory that’s often overlooked and yet well and truly treasured once used. Conference attendees love the practicality and professionalism of business card holders – you’ll love the brand exposure they provide.

Carrier Bags

3. Carrier Bags

With all the free stuff going around, you can never have too many carrier bags at a conference. Bags are great for those taking them and also brilliant for the brand giving them out – it’s like a big, bright A4 sized ad that walks around on its own!


4. Lanyards

For keys, for phones, for ID cards or for pretty much anything else, lanyards are the very definition of versatility. And of course, it’s always great to get folk physically wearing your promo material.

Laptop Bags

5. Laptop Bags

Slightly more upmarket but massively worth the investment nonetheless, a promotional laptop bag is so useful and universally appreciated they’ll be using it for months, maybe even years to come.

USB Sticks

6. USB Sticks

The undisputed number-one promotional product right now is the USB stick – you can never have too many of them and their usefulness is truly off the scale.

Power Banks

7. Power Banks

The same also goes for power banks, as on-going studies have proved that the number-one concern of mobile technology users is running out of juice. Give them more power and they’ll be putty in your hands.

Note Pads

8. Pads / Notebooks

Notepads are simple, affordable and effective like you wouldn’t believe – pretty much any writing materials are pure gold.

Mints & Sweets

9. Sweets / Mints

Pretty self-explanatory really – nobody can resists a handful of sweets and mints for a much-needed freshener.

Drinks Bottles

10. Water Bottles

Water bottles have also shown enormous promise over recent years as more people than ever before embrace packing their own drinks and reducing waste as much as possible – do your bit while getting your message out!

The Takeaway…

There’s a distinct pattern to all of the above items and it’s one that should never be overlooked – practicality. Pretty much every item listed has a genuine use and doesn’t just exist as a novelty – this is the primary rule for promotional products that work and keep on working.

We have a great selection of promotional products perfect to use at conferences – just check out our conference products!

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